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Free Reference Guides

CIRCLE OF FIFTHS GRAPHIC A full color image of the Circle of Fifths, a must have tool for any musician learning music theory.
11.6 MB
COMPLETE MODES CHART A great chart that shows the modes, their characteristics, associated chord types, etc. 86.1 KB
OPEN CHORD DIAGRAM This diagram shows the common open chords. The numbers represent fingering suggestions:
1 = Index 2= Middle 3= Ring 4= Pinky
74.8 KB

Backing Tracks

Backing Tracks are great tools for practicing your soloing techniques.  Click on each track below to see more details, including its key and scale ideas for soloing.  All tracks are free to download by setting your price to $0.00.  I am happy to provide as much free material on the site as I can to help other aspiring guitarists!  However if you have found this site helpful I would ask that you set the price to a donation in the amount of your choosing to help me maintain the site and continue adding more and more free content and features!  When donating you will be directed to PayPal for a 100% secure transaction.  Your support is much appreciated!