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Have you ever wanted to learn music theory but thought it would be too complicated? Maybe you thought it would be too difficult, you wouldn't have time, or maybe you even thought you just don't need to know it? It's true you can "get by" without this knowledge, by why limit yourself? Look at the truly great guitar players from Steve Vai and Joe Satriani to Clapton and George Benson. They all took the time to learn not just how to play their instruments but they also studied how music works, and there is no doubt that it opened the door to infinite possibilities for them. Understanding music theory liberates you as a guitar player, it allows you to understand how music works and then use that knowledge to better yourself as a musician 10 times over!
Think about it: what good is it to be able to play a fast, complicated riff if you have no idea how to apply it to an original song? What good is the thousands of hours of technique practice if you can't then apply that technique to a chord progression because you don't know what key it is in or what your scale options are?
Music theory is the answer to opening this door for you and taking you to the next level! In writing Guitar Theory my main goal was to take the subject of music theory (much feared among most guitarists) break it down into a simple and straight forward step by step process. I start at the beginning and assume you know nothing about music theory and then build your knowledge chapter after chapter until you have an advanced knowledge of chord construction, the major scales and their modes, and much more! Included with your instant download or printed copy is a link to a free mp3 download of over an hour of narration and additional insight as I walk you through each chapter and add additional tips and examples through personal experience. Included in this link are downloadable (and printable) worksheets for each assignment in the book including reference charts and graphs. By the time you finish your journey through "Guitar Theory" you will have the foundation to understand chord and scale construction as well as the fundamentals of guitar soloing, how to find a song's key, how to know what notes work in improvisation and why, and so much more! Pick up your copy of Guitar Theory today and get started on this amazing journey that will take away all of the road blocks between you and your full guitar potential! ***INCLUDES A LINK TO DOWNLOAD OVER 3 HOURS OF AUDIO COMMENTARY AND PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS, FREE WITH BOOK PURCHASE

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